Accreditation form

Before filling the form, please take note of the following information:

  • Press accreditation can be delivered only to person who attend the event for profesionnal purpose.

  • The accreditations are nominative, so an accreditation request per person is necessary. The accreditation comes with an irremovable wristband which allow you to access the zones, so it is not possible to transmit the accreditation to another person

  • Press accreditation allow to enter in the event site, in the press area and in the structures technical areas, but it does not authorize to go on the parks or to access the VIP areas

  • Thanks to this accraditation request, you are going to receive FISE information related to the sport, the region or the tour that you have selected.

  • If you encounter difficulties to fill this form, we are at your disposal here : / 06 48 34 97 06

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