FISE Hiroshima 2018 : celebrates International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

Friday, April 6, 2018 - 15:55

FISE World Series is hosting the first tour stop of the season in Hiroshima, Japan and there couldn't be a more perfect location to celebrate the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace. Hiroshima as a city has been recognised as a symbol of Peace and Hope. The event is being held next to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park which was created to advocate eternal peace to the world.

“By hosting FISE, an event that attracts worldwide attention mainly among the youth, in our International Peace Culture City, we believe that we can take the opportunity to connect with the youth around the world who will lead the next generation, and deliver the message of the value of peace.”

FISE World Series celebrated the day by participating in The #WhiteCard Campaign, a symbolic initiative to symbolize the positive power of sport. We were joined in raising the White Card by Charmaine Crooks a former Olympic Athlete and champion for peace in sport. Hervé André-Benoit founder and CEO of Hurricane Group. Morinari Watanabe the president of Japan Urban Sports Committee without whom the event would not be possible. And a host of FISE participating Athletes and Japanese attendees.


This is just the beginning for FISE in Japan and you can be sure to see more great events taking place in the future!!!