FISE World Chengdu-China 2015 : Welcome to Chengdu !

Monday, September 28, 2015 - 12:21

Only two weeks before the next stop of the FISE World Series in China - how exciting is that? For the second year in a row,  the FISE makes a stop in Chengdu, "small" city of 4 million people (14 million if counting the surroundings as well),  located in South Wester China. Capital of the Sizchuan Province, Chengdu is one of the big chinese industrial center with 42 universities, 230 research institutes, 440 000 reaserchers and 6 000 big enterprises. Even better? Chengdu has been Montpellier's twin city since 1981. How cool is that?

In terms of access, the city of Chengdu has an international airport, served by european companies, generally with a transit via Amsterdam. Once there, to get to the FISE location, go to NANHU PARK (12 Huguang Rd, Siming, Xiamen, Fujian Province), in the South of Chengdu, taking a bus  ( bus n°815A,  stop at Nanhu Park, the metro odr a cab.

Noted? See you there!