FISE World Budapest 2017 : Canadian spins his magic to win Flatland Gold in Budapest

Sunday, August 20, 2017 - 19:26
Sunday kicked off with the BMX Flatland finals where the top competitors had 3 minutes to prove to the judges why they should be on the podium. 
French flatland legend Alex Jumelin continued his 20-year competition streak at FISE, masterfully spinning his way into 3rd place to take the bronze medal. 
Japanese rider Moto Sasaki displayed his signature style, mixing up the speed of his spins and maneuvering around the platform with grace to secure second place.
Taking first place was Quebecois Jean-William Prevost, demonstrating his unique vision of flatland BMX with high velocity rotations and precise back wheel control.
When asked how his winning run came together, he said: 
“I felt like I knew what I had to do and stepped outside of myself, like my personal meditation. Training for this, I locked myself up all night and practised in the -40 degree winters in Canada so the movements weren’t stressful because I’ve done them millions of times before.”
“All the guys I competed against today are monsters of the sport and people who inspire me. Thanks to the FISE for putting on this event in Budapest.”