FISE World Series Chengdu 2017 : Why should you Watch FISE World Series Chengdu?

Thursday, October 5, 2017 - 18:55
3 days, 4 sports
Chengdu is upon us, and we have another quality line up for you to feast upon. We have the guys from BMX Freestyle and Mountain Bike Slopestyle putting on the usual world-class show, but in Chengdu we also can’t wait to bring back the best action from Roller and Skateboard.
BMX Freestyle Park
The usual suspects are turning up to Chengdu to see who has the best tricks for our Chinese crowd. Daniel Dhers, Logan Martin, Brandon Loupos, Daniel Sandoval and Konstantin Andreev make up the in-form squad of FISE World Series 2017, whilst Alex Coleborn attends as he looks to improve his Series with a podium finish.
Mountain Bike Slopestyle
It’s a fully Western roster hitting up the Chengdu slopes in 2017. We have 3 Frenchmen, 2 Canadians, a Brit, a German and a Russian all competing for top spot.
With Nicholi Rogatkin not in attendance this time around, look out for his rival Mehdi Gani calling the shots in Chengdu.
We’re always stoked to see what the Roller boys bring to the party. Expect a showdown between two Frenchmen - FISE favourites Julien Cudot and Roman Abrate.
We have a stacked card for Skateboard Street in Chengdu. An event that provides a nice offset to the big air of BMX, MTB and Roller, Skateboard is one for our technical fans. 
Look out for Frenchmen (yes, more) Adrien Bulard and Joseph Garbaccio battling it out for the Chengdu crown. 
FISE World Series Chengdu is live on FISE channels from 3 – 5 November 2017. Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram to catch the best of the action.