Our little tips

  • ACCES 
    Lieu : Jeddah Waterfront 

    By plane 
    King Abdulaziz airport is the most important of the kingdom, it has 2 terminals (North and South). 
  • - The King Fahd water jet (the highest of the world)
    - The King Saoud mosque
    - Wander around the Al-Alawi souk, the most interesting of the country 
    - Walk in the Al-Balad, the old city centre and taste the specialties (Kebsa, Mandi and kebabs) 
    - Go for a walk on the Cornice and enjoy the FISE 
    - Many restaurants offer all kinds of cuisine. Note that each restaurant has separated sections for men and women. 
  • Omnipresent in Arabia, in ADSL and 3G almost everywhere. Internet speed is excellent. Many sites are subject to access restrictions, however Facebook, YT, Google etc. are accessible and it is almost always possible to establish a VPN with France.

  • - Keep it low profile and respect Saudi Arabia’s habits and customs.  
    - Women must wear an « abbaya » 
    - Drug and alcohol consumption are punished with severe sanctions including death penalty 
    - Internet access is permitted but subject to censorship