Sunday, November 5, 2017 - 18:07
Garbaccio returns to win on course close to his heart
Chengdu China appears to be a lucky charm for 19-year-old French skateboarding star Joseph Garbaccio who won the FISE Skateboard Street Pro competition Sunday.
“I’m pretty nostalgic because my first ever international competition was FISE Chengdu three years ago—where I won as well,” said Garbaccio.
Initially the site of his breakthrough to professional sports, Chengdu proved the perfect lucky charm for a return from injury this time around. After touring Brazil with the French team and moving to the USA, the talented young rider secured the Montpellier stop then promptly hurt his ankle, sidelining him for two months of this season.
The setback wasn’t evident Sunday as he soared through the air scoring big props from both judges and crowd for his amplitude. His four-and-a-half metre transfer indie proved particularly impressive, though he packed his winning run our with a front-flip down the rail, mollie manual, back disaster, flip front-board and hurricane, to name but a few moves. 
He also secured two of the three “best trick” wins, following the first leg of the competition.
The finals saw the best 12 riders from Saturday’s semi-final round showcase their talent in two one-minute runs, with the best run of two determining their result.
The judges look for the skater’s amplitude, speed, flow, and style, along with the athlete’s technical ability, the degree of difficulty of the tricks showcases, his uprightness and ability to explore the whole park.
“It was a nice contest with a high level of riders coming out from all around the world, and we have a nice experience with the Chinese crowd” said Julien **, head judge. 
FISE opens each of its contests to any athlete who wants to compete. This competition had a qualification Friday, and the top 18 joined the FISE World Series 2016 winner and top five from FISE standings for a Semi-Final. 
Twelve riders competed Sunday before a large Chinese crowd who showed particular affinity for the younger of the riders on course.
Stay tuned! FISE will announce its 2018 calendar later this month.
FISE CHENGDU - Skateboard Street Pro final standings:
1. Joseph Garbaccio - France  watch his run
2. Konstantine Kabanov - Russia  watch his run
3. Martin Pek - Czech Republic  watch his run
Watch the replay of the final :



Sunday, November 5, 2017 - 17:05
Athletes challenged to progress the sport and push themselves with Best Trick bonus
A new competition style rocked the roller world Sunday at the FIRS Roller Freestyle World Cup in Chengdu, China as the series winner missed the podium and a man with the biggest air vaulted to first place.
The athletes had two 50-second runs to assemble a show of their professional artistry, then each got an additional four chances, immediately following their runs, to take things one step further with their biggest and best trick.
“Usually, it’s three rounds and the average of the two best count, which is good, but you can’t show all the aspects of what you can do because you can’t go that hard in a single run,” said Julien Cudot, FISE Roller Freestyle series champion for 2016 and now 2017.
The concept is designed to get riders to push themselves and progress the sport, by concentrating on the hardest thing they're capable of and risking it all, after they’ve already completed the majority of their work—and turned Sunday’s competition on its head.
French rider Yuma Baudoin found himself in first place, while his friend and the series leader, Cudot, finished off the podium, owing largely to those final big tricks. 
“I’m into airtime, so it’s not really a big disappointment, and it’s a friend of mine who has won,” said Cudot, adding “I hope the competition format continues this way.”
Baudoin, a university biology student, brought a 540 true-spin top soul and 1260, three-and-a-half rotations, in the best trick component. “It’s awesome. It’s a big, big competition with lots of riders, so it’s awesome to win this,” he said.
Stay tuned! FISE will announce its 2018 calendar in early December.
FIRS Roller Freestyle World Cup final standings:
1. Yuma Baudoin, FRA watch his run
2. Joe Atkinson, GBR watch his run
3. Stephane Torres, SUI watch his run
Watch the replay of the final :

Sunday, November 5, 2017 - 16:48
American rider didn’t know what would happen when he dropped in at the FISE UCI-BMX Freestyle Park World Cup competition
The BMX Freestyle Park finals Sunday rang true to their name for winner Nick Bruce who said he truly didn’t know what he would do when he launched into his winning run.
With a hectic practice session beforehand, the American rider missed testing out the banger tricks he would use to thrill the crowd in the biggest event of the FISE year.
“It was kind of like a mind game. Do I play it safe or do I just go for it? And then as I was pedalling at each obstacle, I was like: ‘No I’m going for it,’” said Bruce.
Whether he felt unprepared or not, the American rider managed a lightening fast string of tricks worth of a true professional with a flair down-whip transfer, a 360 windshield whipper, 360 double down-whip and 540 flair.
The finals included the best 12 riders from Saturday’s semi-final round, each throwing down two one-minute runs for a combined score. The riders then had three tries to showcase a best trick, which were ranked and awarded as bonus points to help boost their score.
FISE opens its competitions to any athlete who wants to compete, and this year’s qualifying and semi-final rounds proved wild ones. The top 18 from qualifications joined the FISE World Series 2016 winner and top five from FISE Edmonton in the semi-finals Saturday, but three of the elite never made it past this round.
Among those forced to watch from the sidelines was Daniel Dhers, the Venezuelan rider who ended up winning the overall series. Had Australian Logan Martin won Sunday’s competition, Dhers would have lost the title, making his absence in the finals one serious upset.
“It was very insane because it was out of my hands. Logan is a very strong competitor, so I knew if somebody could win it, it would be him,” said Dhers, noting Martin’s second place meant he quite nearly succeeded in the win.
Dhers and Martin are now tied with two FISE series titles a piece, meaning 2018’s season will be a tie breaker.
Judges look for the height, flow and style in BMX Freestyle, as well as the variety of tricks, and bike and trick control a rider exhibitis. They also consider the athlete’s versatility, consistency and execution, and watch closely for how the rider lands—and their progression in the sport, and of the sport.
Stay tuned this month as FISE will announce its 2018 calendar, so you can follow the Martin and Dhers rivalry into the next season.
FISE UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup final standings:
1. Nick Bruce, USA watch his run 
2. Logan Martin, AUS watch his run
3. Colton Walker, USA watch his run
Watch the replay of final :

Sunday, November 5, 2017 - 16:42
German Lukas Knopf secures a career high win and top-tier French athlete lands his first FISE series title
 Throwing three combinations off the top on the FISE Slopestyle Mountain Bike course Sunday, proved the magic potion German Lukas Knopf needed to crack the top tier of freestyle mountain biking with a watershed win.
The only rider to pack more than two combos into the first half of the course, he bested an FMB (Freeride Mountain Bike Association) Diamond Series regular, Mehdi Ganhi, and earned himself his first FMB Gold-level win, and likely a spot in the Diamond series next year.
The FMB ranks its competitions by degree of difficulty and Sunday’s FISE event was considered a Gold-level competition, the final tier before the half-dozen elite-level Diamond events. It is also the last event needed to clinch the FISE Slopestyle Mountain Bike Series—a bucket list item Knopf will leave for next year.
“I’m overwhelmed right now. It’s my first big win… so I’m super pumped that could hold it together,” he said, adding he was also thrilled the win place him second in the FISE series.
Launching with a very technical 360 double barspin off the 18-metre step-down, he executed a front-flip no hander on the first jump, a 360 barspin on the second, and squeezed in a couple of barspins to conclude the first line. He then used a double tailwhip to pop up to the unique quarter-pipe turn, which sent riders down the backside of the course, and threw in an oppo barspin, followed by a truck-driver down to his last trick—a 360 tailwhip to barspin.
The only other rider to attempt three combinations down the front line of the course was Ghani, who could have secured the win had he not missed his final trick. Nevertheless, the cork-720 off the first jump and flip-bar to no hand on the second was impressive enough to earn him third place—his first overall FISE Slopestyle Mountain Bike win.
“I’m happy. Last year I was second place and this year I talked to myself and said: 'Ok maybe I’m going to try to take it this year.’ And I got it!” said the 28-year-old French rider.
Gani has his eye on Montpellier next season, and says he wants to take the FISE title again. Stay tuned to see where the riders will be as FISE announces its 2018 calendar later this month.
1. Lukas Knopf, Germany watch his run
2. Paul Couderic, France watch his run
3. Mehdi Gani, France Watch his run
Watch the replay of the final :



Saturday, November 4, 2017 - 17:34
Mehdi Gani, of France, and German Lukas Knopf stare down the FISE Slopestyle Mountain Bike Championship title at final competition in Chengdu, China 
The man in charge heading into Sunday’s FISE Slopestyle Mountain Bike finals is a 21-year-old from Germany with a flawless semi-final run.
Lukas Knopf, 21, dropped from the 18-metre high entry to the course with a 360 bar-spin and went straight into a front flip no-hand, followed by a 360 no hand on the second jump. He managed a double tail whip up onto a unique quarter-pipe turn at the end of the course, where he through in a one-foot table, before coming down with a 360 and into a final 360 tail-whip on the last jump.
In his own words, it was flawless, and exactly what he will need to fend off seasoned French veteran Mehdi Gani, who sits in second place for the season-long championship title. 
“I woke up and I knew I can do it,” he said. “I qualified first in front of Mehdi Gani and he’s a pretty good rider. He had a little mistake on the last front flip and I think it was the thing that put me in front.”
Niether Knopf nor Gani has ever won the FISE championship, but they are so close, it will take their absolute best performances to beat one another. Should Knopf win, Mehdi must come sixth or higher in order to take the overall.
For his part Gani says he will be trying to clean up his last trick, but otherwise do the same run—unless he sees he needs a stronger finish. Then he will pull out the same trick he opened with in Edmonton.
“I did a backflip tail-whip to bar-spin on the first jump. It’s a dangerous trick, so I will only do it if I have to,” he said.
Tomorrow’s finals will run at 16.40 (UTC+8). Results from Saturday’s Semi-final will be used to cull the field from 20 to 12 riders, and provide a seeding—from lowest to highest ranking rider.
The overall podium for the year will be Gani, Knopf and Tom Isted, of the United Kingdom—though the order has yet to be determined.
Watch the run of Lukas Knopf :

Saturday, November 4, 2017 - 16:43
American Hannah Roberts pushes the boundaries for the women’s sport
If one could put a face to the future of Women’s freestyle BMX, it is that of 16-year-old American Hannah Roberts.
The Michigan native proved her dominance by winning a second FISE overall title in BMX Freestyle Park on Saturday by taking first place in the final UCI World Cup competition of the year—Chengdu, China.
Racking up 87.60 points, Roberts came out three points ahead of her nearest competitor, German rider Lara Lessman (84.20), and six points over third-place finisher Macarena Perez (81.60), of Chile.
“I just want to keep pushing BMX as fas as I can, learning new tricks and progressing for myself… BMX is really important to me and the future of it is kind of what we’re all trying to progress here at FISE,” she said.
Roberts is known as a tough, groundbreaking competitor and came into the event with a laundry list of war wounds, including stitches in the back of her head, a swollen elbow and bruised face from an accident outside the park Friday. Nevertheless, she packed out both runs and proved the rider with the biggest trick, a Flair—backflip-180—in the quarter pipe.
Impressing both the judges and crowd with a clap behind her back in her tuck no-hander over the box-jump, she mixed it up with two different tables, in opposite directions, proving she has high-level of skill behind her power and grace.
Roberts said she was reticent to try her latest trick, a flair tuck no-hander, given her injuries, but it will be in her back pocket as she tries to qualify for the Junior Olympics here in Chengdu next week.
Lara Lessman, meanwhile, added some serious amplitude to best Macarena Perez, of Chile, for second place, though Perez threw down the wider variety of tricks.
FISE CHENGDU UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup Ranking: 
1: Hannah Roberts - 87.60 PTS
2: Lara Lessmann - 84.20 PTS
3: Macarena Perez - 81.60 PTS
1: Hannah Roberts - 38200 PTS
2: Nikita Duccaroz - 32900 PTS
3: Macarena Perez - 32100 PTS
4: Analia Zacarias - 27500 PTS
5: Shanice Silva Cruz - 25000 PTS
Watch the run of Hannah Roberts :



Watch the replay of the final :


Saturday, November 4, 2017 - 16:34
Final FIRS World Cup of the season sees reigning World Champion in 4th at Semi-Finals
Parisian Julien Cudot will spend Saturday evening trying to keep it clean and low-key.
After placing fourth in the semi-final round of the FIRS FISE Roller Freestyle World Cup, he’s determined to do everything he can to hit the podium—particularly given his overall ranking.
Tied for the World Cup Championship with fellow French athlete Romain Godenaire, he only needs a top-10 finish to defend his title, but his fourth place seeding in the semi-final round of the last event this season here in Chengdu, China did not sit well.
“I still want to end it the proper way and give it my all for tomorrow. I want to win here as well,” he said.
The only athlete to launch into the course going up the wall-ride, he managed a misty-flip, a 360 flat-spin, and backflip 180, with a grab, using a line he’ll perfect for Sunday’s finals. He’s hoping to bring at least two 540s to the table when competition resumes, and will pack out the run with the aim of landing his final trick off the wall-ride, a finale which eluded him Saturday.
His biggest competitor will likely be Romain Abrate, who took first in Saturday’s semi-finals. All four of the top contenders have been neck-and-neck this season, and finished within a hair’s breath of each other.
Top 3 semifinals ranking: 
1  Roman ABRATE - France - 84.66 PTS
2  Joe ATKINSON - UK - 82.33 PTS
3  Tomek PRZYBYLIK - Poland 77.00 PTS
Watch the run of Roman ABRATE:



The replay of the semi-final :