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FISE World Series is the world biggest Action Sports festival !

We tour the globe bringing the best Action Sports Athletes to Cities across the planet. 
Last year was a monumental year for FISE as we celebrated our 20th anniversary as an Action Sports company.  Over that time, we have had over 1 Million people attend FISE events.  Every year we have grown and expanded in line with the popularity of Action Sports, introducing new sports and locations every year. True to the spirit of FISE our events continue to feature both amateur and professional athletes and are always free for all to attend.
Another year and it’s another action packed season for FISE World Series. This year promises to be the best yet.


  1. HIROSHIMA, Japan - 6 – 8 April
  2. MONTPELLIER, France - 9 – 13 May
  3. EDMONTON, Canada -13 – 15 July
  4. BUDAPEST, Hungary -7 – 9 September
  5. CHENGDU, China - 2 – 4 November
For our first stop we touch down in Hiroshima, Japan an International Peace City.
Hiroshima opens the tour with a great schedule of sports. Spectators can enjoy watching BMX Freestyle Park and Flatland, Skateboarding Street, Roller Freestyle Park, Bouldering, Breaking and Parkour. BMX Freestyle Park and Skateboard street have both recently been added to the line-up for the Olympics in Tokyo 2020.
Our second stop sees us return to our spiritual home of Montpellier, France. This stop is considered legendary. The city has been hosting FISE events for over 20 years. It’s an absolutely huge event with competitions in BMX Freestyle Park, Flatland and Street, Roller Freestyle Park, Skateboard Street, Mountain Bike Slopestyle, Scooter Freestyle and Parkour taking place over 5 days.   
We then return to Edmonton, Canada for the third year running.  This year we have a new summer date, new location and a new line up of sports. We are super excited to be hosting the event in the heart of lively Downtown. We will have competitions in BMX Freestyle Park and Flatland, Skateboard Street and for the first time in Edmonton and Scooter Freestyle. 
For our fourth stop we return to Budapest, Hungary. Considered by many as one of the best capital cities in Europe we cannot wait to return to this amazing city this year. Competitions will include BMX Freestyle Park and Flatland, Roller Freestyle Park and others to be added so stayed tuned.
The season culminates with the final stop of the tour in Chengdu, China. This city is becoming a permanent feature on the FISE World Series tour thanks to its amazing atmosphere and its resident’s passion for Actions Sports. This year we move to a new location: Pidu, a district ranked number 23 in the TOP 100 most innovative places in the world. Attendees can enjoy competitions in BMX Freestyle Park and Flatland, Roller Freestyle Park, Skateboarding Street, Parkour and Mountain Bike Slopestyle.

Did You Know ?

FISE has teamed up with several International Federations, so each stop will host their official World Cup! We have partnered with the UCI for the third year to bring spectators the UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup, alongside a brand-new event the UCI BMX Freestyle Flatland World Cup. We continue to be the home of the FIG Parkour World Cup and World Skate Roller Freestyle World Cup which always excites and surprises. The edition of these cups has raised the stakes for athletes even further and helped cement the tours position as the most anticipated competition for all Action Sports enthusiasts.
FISE World Series is brought to you by Hurricane Events. Hurricane is a group which specializes in urban sports, offering global expertise in all aspects of event management, communication, and infrastructure provision. 

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Photo credits : Cédric De Rodot
Riders were stoked to discover Saudi Arabia's culture and to test out the Parks which are overlooking the beautiful Red Sea. The incredible set up provides the perfect display to introduce Action Sports to Saudi Arabia and everything is on track for an incredible event
The crowd gave us a super warm welcome and amateur competitions gave local riders the opportunity to show them what they are made of. They put on an amazing show and proved Saudi Arabia has got talent when it comes to Action Sports. The invited pro riders got their first taste of the parks and they are now ready to bring their best tricks to Jeddah. 
Joseph Garbaccio last years two time stops winner took the lead in the Skateboard Street qualification. Discover here how he managed to do it and get a glimpse of what he has in store for us in 2018.



Last stop : China !
Discover Chengdu
Chengdu is the capital city of Sichuan Province, and locates at western part of Sichuan Basin. With the mild weather and abundant nature resources, Chengdu has enjoyed a reputation of “Land of Abundance” since ancient times. Also, Chengdu is often regarded as one of historical cities with strong cultural background in China as well as the birthplace of ancient “SHU” culture which could be dated back to 3000 to 5000 years ago. And a history of being capitals for different dynasties for more than 2000 years contributes to the name of Chengdu as one of ten famous ancient capital cities in China. 
Nowadays, Chengdu also plays an important role as the central city in western China, and as well as a center of developing west in multiple aspects such as technology, commerce, finance, transport and communication. Besides, Chengdu is also well known as “the City of Recreation and Gourmets”. 


Let's go to canada !
Explore Edmonton !
Featuring BMX, skateboard, mountain bike, amateur competitions and more. This is one festival you won't want to miss! 
Watch some of the best riders in the world compete for glory  over one epic family-friendly weekend. Gather your crew and take in live music, wicked food, massive beer gardens and off-the-wall activity stations! Last year over 25,000 fans, families, pros and pedalheads gathered for a weekend of epic fun and fierce competition. Are you in ?


Thursday, March 22, 2018 - 10:31
A new season and a new concept for FISE World Series. This year for the first time ever, the tour will be preceded by a launch event held at the stunning Jeddah New Water Front organized by the Saudi General Sports Authority. Unlike the rest of the tour where all athletes are welcome, this event is open to riders by invitation only. For FISE World Series first visit to the Middle East, we are bringing together some of the best riders from last season to showcase their skills in: BMX Freestyle Park and Flatland, Roller Freestyle, Skateboard, Parkour, Kitesurfing and Wakeboard.
An amazing opportunity for spectators to enjoy spectacular displays of action sports in a beautiful and unique location. The event presents Saudi Arabia’s vision to engage the public in different sports and to experience some of the world’s best action sports athletes. Alongside FISE World Series desire to push boundaries and support the growth of action sports worldwide.

 You can also watch live the competitions from your place.
So make a note in your diary about the following :
Friday, March 23rd
Compétition : Skateboard Street Pro Final
Jeddah (UTC+3): 4:15pm - Paris (UTC+1): 2:15pm - NYC (UTC-4): 9:15am
Compétition : BMX Freestyle Flatland Pro Qualification
Jeddah (UTC+3): 5:30pm - Paris (UTC+1): 3:30pm - NYC (UTC-4): 10:30am
Compétition : BMX Freestyle Park Pro Qualification
Jeddah (UTC+3): 7:00pm - Paris (UTC+1): 5:00pm - NYC (UTC-4): 12:00pm
Compétition : Roller Freestyle Park Pro Qualification
Jeddah (UTC+3): 8:40pm - Paris (UTC+1): 6:40pm - NYC (UTC-4): 2:40pm
Saturday, March 24th
Compétition : BMX Freestyle Flatland Pro Final
Jeddah (UTC+3): 3:00pm - Paris (UTC+1): 1:00pm - NYC (UTC-4): 08:00am
Compétition : Roller Freestyle Park Pro Final
Jeddah (UTC+3): 4:35pm - Paris (UTC+1): 2:35pm - NYC (UTC-4): 09:35am
Compétition :BMX Freestyle Park Pro Final
Jeddah (UTC+3): 7:00pm - Paris (UTC+1): 5:00pm - NYC (UTC-4): 12:00pm
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FISE Budapest 2018
Next step 6 September !
After Edmonton in July, the FISE World Series will make a stop in Budapest.  The greatest extreme sports professionals and amateurs will compete in hope to win the competition. 
If you don’t already know the Hungarian capital, the FISE gives you the chance to discover it from September 6 to 9 through several disciplines : BMX Freestyle Park, BMX Freestyle Flatland and Roller Freestyle.  
 Hurricane Group and the UCI continue their collaboration started in 2016 : a UCI World Cup will be held with the FISE World Series circuit : the UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup 2018. 
We will note that the FIRS also joins the adventure and each FISE World Series stopover will offer a Roller Freestyle World Cup round.

FISE Budapest 2018's disciplines


Thursday, March 22, 2018 - 10:09
Hello to everyone ! 

Thanks for your warm welcome in Jeddah, we hope to see you from 2pm in Waterfront site. 
Don't forget event is free entrace, no tickets needed, you can come whenever you want. 
See you soon 
Wednesday, March 7, 2018 - 22:52
Back fise jeddah launch
Hurricane Events and Saudi General Sports Authority launch new FISE event
22–24 March 2018 – Jeddah Water Front
Preceding the FISE World Series, this unique event showcases the skills of last season’s best riders – by invitation only – in BMX Freestyle Park and Flatland, Roller Freestyle, Skateboard, Parkour, Kitesurfing, and Wakeboard. 
There are also amateur competitions for local riders in BMX Freestyle Park, Roller Freestyle Park and Skateboard Street, plus lots of activities for the public to enjoy.
Why Jeddah?
Jeddah provides a spectacular backdrop and has a young, vibrant community with a strong desire to see action sports in Saudi Arabia.
This event highlights Saudi Arabia’s vision for the public to experience some of the world’s best action sports athletes. 
It also promotes the country’s desire, along with FISE, to push boundaries and support the growth of action sports worldwide. 
What is unique about this event?  
This year for the first time ever, FISE World Series will be preceded by a launch event held at the stunning Jeddah New Waterfront jointly organised by Hurricane Events and the Saudi General Sports Authority. While not an official FISE World Series stop, this launch event provides an awesome introduction to action sports for the Jeddah population.
The event is free for anybody to attend – it’s a great chance to take your friends and your family for an awesome day out.