Sunday, April 21, 2019 - 09:22
Flow and good vibes in the Roller Womens final! 
Sunshine, big smiles and spectators we’re on show at the spot for today’s final. With an insane flow and cleaver lines, Misaki Katayama took the first place, well deserved thanks to her very technical lip tricks. With a small mistake at the beginning Maria Munoz couldn't get first, but she was the most committed to drop huge tricks, and took lots of risk while going big which earned her second place. Manon Derrien, was skating with her unbeatable style, but a couple of small mistakes locked her on the third step. Special Mention to Chihiro Azuma, who would have been the one to beat today if a nasty slam yesterday hadn’t prevented her from riding today. The show was rad and girls brought a lot of fresh tricks to the ramps, we can’t wait until Montpellier to watch them dropping some more! 
Sunday, April 21, 2019 - 07:42
IFSC BOULDERING International Series
It was a Japanese only line up in today’s women’s final, proving how much of a big thing Bouldering is in FISE Hiroshima’s host country. Due to the particular style of the boulder wall, it was super hard for the judges to separate the athletes performance. The podium was filled by three very different ways of climbing, thanks to the wall which was made to enhance many different styles. And today’s winner was a real surprise! It was the first time for Ruy Nakagawa to participate in her first international competition. She is only 15 years old, and already promises to a great career. In second place, we found the powerful Hana Kudo, who is a bit more experienced because she joined the Youth World Championships last year. The podium was completed by the most technical of the Top 3, Serika Okawachi. Implementing a brand new format of competition definitely paid off because it brought many more spectators than last year, so you can definitively count on Bouldering to be even bigger next year.


Sunday, April 21, 2019 - 07:19
It is hard to remember a more dramatic women's final than what we had today.  That was one of the most exciting BMX finals we have seen, not just in women’s competitions but ever! The standard was insane and the top place was constantly changing.
The story of the day was Hannah Roberts. The 2016, 2017 and 2018 UCI BMX Freestyle World Cup overall winner Hannah Roberts took a massive slam in her first run. She described the fall “ I went too high and my tire went bye bye”. Everyone thought there was no way she would be able to ride her second run, but she got back on her bike and produced a run that can only be described as epic. A 360 tuck no hander, a flair, a phenomenal 360 over the spine, a tailwhip over the step up, a wallride and a barspin, this run had it all. The judges scored her 91.25 points and she took first place. She said “ to win this is an amazing feeling and I couldn’t be happier.” 
In 2nd was German rider Lara Lessman who was 2nd in the overall rankings last year. She demonstrated incredible bike control and what a bag of tricks she has. She completed a packed run including a no footed can can on the transfer, a big barspin over the spine and a foot plant to can can to score 84.12.
In 3rd place was Perris Benegas who definitely managed to grab the most air in this final. She was UCI Urban Cycling World Championships winner in 2018 and again showed what she is capable of. Landing a big boosting air on the table top, a wallride transfer and a turndown over the spine to get 84.00 points.
Watch Hannah Roberts run here 
Sunday, April 21, 2019 - 05:33

With a top 3 of Logan Martin, Ryan Nyquist AND Kevin Peraza, you know it's been a special UCI BMX Freestyle Park Semi Final. 



Sunday, April 21, 2019 - 05:11


Flashback on top 5 moments on the IFSC Bouldering Final at FISE Hiroshima 2019 


Saturday, April 20, 2019 - 15:02
Today the BMX Flatland semi final of FISE Hiroshima was held, Dominik Nekolny won the semi final successfully, ahead of Canadian Jean-William Prevost and Frenchman Matthias Dandois. The ranking is tight which promises a nice show for the finals tomorrow. Alex Jumelin qualified in 5th place behind the Japanese rider Moto Sasaki.
The suspense is at its peak for tomorrow so make sure to stay tuned, and we will give you a report.  Catch the full results HERE


Saturday, April 20, 2019 - 14:32
After the 2018 edition, the city of Hiroshima (Japan) once again welcomes FISE, an event with which the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) is collaborating, to host the Parkour World Cup !
It was a 40 meter course that awaited the athletes, created with a new range of more diversified modules.
In the Freestyle event, Aleksandra Schevchenko of Russia won 26 points to beat Japan's Ikumi Hikari and Dutch Saskia Neville. The last 2 were very closely matched, but the use of the obstacles in general by Ikumi, meant she took the 2nd position.
We will find this discipline of the FIG championship at FISE Montpellier from May 29th to June 2nd.
All results HERE
Saturday, April 20, 2019 - 14:24
It was not the usual international line up we are used to seeing at FISE World Series Events. 8 out of the riders competing were Japaneses showing the popularity of the sport in this country. American skater Zander Gabriel was due to compete but was unable to participate as he broke his collarbone earlier today.  The level was super high but in the end it was Ryo Sagawa who took first place with a huge 91.85 pts. He rode with speed and packed in the tricks including a nollie bigspin front board to fakie which he landed sketchy but made it look so cool. In second place it was Ike Keyaki scoring 90.1 points he landed a switch hurricane, frontside nosegrind and a Switch front feeble grind during his run.  Aoki Yukito was in 3rd place he landed a kickflip frontside air that was magnificent.
Ryo Sagawa takes first place



Second place for Ike Keyaki



Aoki Yukito is in 3rd 





Saturday, April 20, 2019 - 12:33
Intense competition in the Roller!
Everybody rode this semi final as if it was the final! The Japanese riders were on fire and proved it by coming first and second place today. In third place, we find the stylish and technical Yuto Goto. Takeshi Yasutoko was in second with a completely opposite style which is all about power and going big. In 3rd was, our flying British rider, Joe Atkinson whose run was composed of a mix of these two styles. With a flawless run, he impressed even himself and finished up with a very technical grind. As the judges said, it seemed like he still had energy left to go for another run if he needed to! But he will have to save some of that energy if he wants to take home the win tomorrow, let’s see if he manages to make it!
Stay tuned for the men and women’s finals tomorrow!
All the results HERE
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Saturday, April 20, 2019 - 12:26
It’s the second time that FISE Hiroshima has hosted the IFSC Bouldering International Series. Last year, the competition format was the traditional World Cup format, but they changed it for this edition to make it more suitable for such a festival as FISE. And this strategy paid off, as the massive crowd which gathered to watch it showed. The energy from the public spurred on the Japanese athletes which resulted in a Top 5 exclusively made up of Japanese athletes. The very experienced athlete on the World Cup circuit Keita Dohi took the gold,  and was described as  “intelligent and precise like a machine” by the judges. With a completely different style, Yuji Inoue reached the second spot on the podium with his quick and powerful method. The Top 3 was completed by Keita Watabe, who was not to at his best today. Stay for the women’s final tomorrow!
All the results HERE